About Us

About Us

Effective Advice, Efficiently Delivered.


Welcome to Nishta Legal, a dedicated law firm based in Bangalore, India, specialising in Corporate, Real Estate, Energy and Intellectual Property matters. Our journey began in 2016 with a vision to provide high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals. We are a small but passionate team committed to delivering effective legal advice with efficiency.


What Sets Us Apart

Our Firm was founded upon the following core principles:

    • Honesty: We believe in transparency and trust in all client interactions.

    • Integrity: Ethical conduct is the cornerstone of our practice.

    • Resourcefulness: We leverage our legal expertise and our vast network to find practical solutions to legal challenges.

    • Responsiveness: Timely communication ensures clients’ needs are met promptly.

These principles are the foundation of our practice, and they are evident in every aspect of our work.


Join Us on your Legal Journey

Thank you for considering our legal services. We invite you to explore how our expertise and commitment can support in your legal endeavours.

Meet Our Team

Shruti Nishtala - Founder

Shruti Nishtala is the founder of Nishta Legal, a boutique law firm that specialises in corporate, energy, real estate, intellectual property, and information technology law. Shruti obtained her law degree from University Law College, Bangalore and has been practicing law for over a decade.

 Shruti has extensive experience advising clients ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations on a wide range of legal matters. She has advised clients on contracts, corporate compliance, general corporate laws and other corporate transactions. In addition, she has significant experience representing clients in the energy and real estate sectors on matters such as project development, land acquisition and title verification, and regulatory compliance.

Shruti is also a skilled intellectual property and information technology lawyer. She has advised clients on trademark and copyright registration and enforcement, licensing, data protection and privacy, and other legal issues related to intellectual property and technology matters.


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