Practice Areas

At Nishta Legal, our expertise spans a diverse range of legal practice areas. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Explore our practice areas to discover how we can assist you:

Corporate Law

Our Corporate Law practice is dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes and industries. From business formation to corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions to regulatory compliance, our expertise helps your business thrive.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Protecting your intellectual property is essential in today's competitive landscape. Our specialised IP law services cover trademark and copyright protection, patent registration, IP portfolio management, and more.

Real Estate Matters

Our real estate law services encompass property acquisitions, leases, zoning, land use issues, and extensive experience in handling large-scale land acquisition processes for various industries.

Media Law

In the dynamic world of media and entertainment, legal expertise is crucial. We offer guidance on content licensing, copyright disputes, defamation, and regulatory compliance, ensuring your media ventures are legally sound.

Energy Law

The energy sector is rapidly evolving. Our energy law practice encompasses renewable energy, regulatory compliance, project development, and more. We help clients navigate the complex legal landscape in this vital industry.

Civil Litigation

Our Civil Litigation practice is dedicated to resolving disputes and protecting your interests. Whether you are involved in a contract dispute, personal injury claim, or other civil matter, we provide strategic representation and work towards favourable outcomes.

Criminal Litigation

When facing criminal charges, you need strong legal defence. Our experienced criminal litigation team represents clients in various criminal matters, ensuring their rights are protected and building effective defence strategies.

Commercial Disputes

Navigating commercial disputes is essential for business continuity. Our expertise in commercial litigation ensures that your interests are safeguarded, and disputes are resolved efficiently, protecting your bottom line.

Family Law

Our Family Law practice is dedicated to assisting individuals and families with a wide range of matters, including divorce, child custody, spousal support, adoption, and more. We understand the emotional and legal complexities of family issues and provide compassionate and expert guidance.

Customised Legal Solutions

Our commitment to delivering effective advice with efficiency extends to all practice areas. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique goals and challenges, providing tailored legal solutions that align with their objectives.

Explore our practice areas to learn more about how Nishta Legal can assist you in your legal matters. We are here to serve you with professionalism, integrity, and a deep commitment to your success.



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